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 Expert Witness/Workplace Investigations 

W-P-G provides expert witness case review, case consulting and trial testimony, together with workplace investigations, as a cornerstone of its consulting practice.  We provide expert witnesses case review, case consulting and trial testimony in the civil litigation of employment law cases that involve discrimination, harassment, wrongful discharge, ADA, negligence, HR policies and procedures, compensation and other human resources matters.  We appear in meritorious cases on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, and our appearances are approximately 60% on behalf of plaintiffs and 40% on behalf of defendants.

W-P-G principals have conducted and supervised hundreds of workplace investigations and provide trial testimony in matters we have investigated.  We offer the following services in the workplace investigation practice area:

  • Investigation of harassment, discrimination, and other claims of workplace misconduct
  • Investigation of grievances and other fact finding related to collective bargaining
  • Investigation of employee under performance
  • Strategic advice, coaching, and mentoring to all levels of management on conducting effective workplace investigations
  • Group training on how to conduct an effective workplace investigation
  • Second opinion assessments on options for successful resolution following a workplace investigation
  • Advice on appropriate responses or disciplinary actions, if appropriate, following a workplace investigation
  • Support in drafting management decisions and corporate communications, if any, following a workplace investigation
  • Conciliation and mediation services

Outside investigators typically can conduct a workplace investigation at a lower cost than one conducted by outside counsel.  Even so, to add value an outside investigator must be seasoned, trained in employment law, able to spot admissible evidence, and skilled in the assessment of witness credibility.  That is the competitive advantage provided by W-P-G. 

Besides value based on cost, there are several other advantages to hiring an outside investigator.  W-P-G offers unmatched professionalism and experience in conducting workplace investigations.  We have handled some of the most sensitive investigations imaginable, but we understand that pursuing the facts wherever they may lead need not leave behind the residue of scorched earth.  We conduct investigations evenhandedly, respectfully, and in a manner that leaves the parties feeling heard and able to move forward once the matter is resolved.

W-P-G workplace investigative reports provide well-written andn thoroughly documented findings of fact.  At the client's option, our report will offer conclusions and recommendations.  And, should the matter culminate in litigation, W-P-G principals are very experienced and effective trial witnesses.


*Workplace Practices Group limits its services to consulting activities.  Although members of the Oregon State Bar Association, we are not engaged in the private practice of law.  When outside legal representation is required, we are pleased to provide referrals to labor and employment attorneys appropriate to client circumstances.



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